Cleanroom Humidification & Humidifiers

Cleanroom Humidification & HumidifiersIf a humidity level drops in a cleanroom manufacturing environment, it could at best result in worker discomfort and at worst result in significant product wastage due to poor quality or not meeting FDA environmental parameters. However, investment in a quality humidification system can not just maintain standards but also assist in increasing productivity.

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Increased productivity
By working alongside the client’s research and development team, JS has managed to increase production yields in some cleanroom environments by as much as 60%. Through testing production at different humidities and then holding optimum levels indefinitely during manufacturing, wastage due to poor environmental control was virtually eliminated.

Consistent close control
Having the expertise to design specialist cleanroom humidification systems enables JS to provide a consistent humidity level at ±2%rH across any 24 hour period. If a humidity requirement is so extreme that it would produce human discomfort then a localised delivery system can be employed, delivering air to a specific process environment.

24/7 support
Our UK-wide network of experienced service engineers provides the back-up and support that a cleanroom facility requires. We understand how important downtime is and provide planned maintenance agreements, a ready supply of spares and fast responses to service requirements 365 days a year.

Why JS Humidifiers?
JS Humidifiers offers the widest selection of humidifiers available in the UK and operates the largest humidifier service engineering department in Europe. Our range includes spray, steam and evaporative systems as well as bespoke units that provide temperature as well as humidity control. With over 20 years experience in cleanroom humidification, JS can provide assistance with FDA and GAMP2 validation, Product Design Specifications and User Requirement Specifications.

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