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11/04/2014 - Rolling Road Humidification at Jaguar Land Rover
Rolling Road Humidification at Jaguar Land Rover

JS Humidifiers has supplied and installed four HumEvap MC3 evaporative humidifiers to Jaguar Land Rover for use in its exhaust emissions testing facility at the company’s Product Compliance Centre in Solihull. The HumEvaps provide humidification to two rolling-road test cells to ensure compliance with international environmental parameters.

Jaguar Land Rover performs a multitude of quality control tests on every vehicle prior to its despatch to the customer. The exhaust emission testing... Read more

06/09/2013 - JS Humidifiers Launch Condair HP
JS Humidifiers Launch Condair HP

JS Humidifiers is launching the Condair HP, a new in-duct high pressure spray humidifier. It can deliver up to 1,300kg/hr of humidification and a potential 884kW of evaporative cooling from just 2.2kW/h of electricity.

A high pressure pump provides water at around 70bar to a series of spray nozzles located on a stainless steel manifold inside an air handling unit. The nozzles release the water as a very fine mist that is quickly absorbed into the airstream. Any water that isn’t fully evaporated... Read more

19/08/2013 - Humidifier makes Fish Factory $1m PA
Humidifier makes Fish Factory $1m PA

The JetSpray humidifier from JS Humidifiers is helping refrigeration equipment specialists ICS Cool Energy increase profits at a leading worldwide brand of canned fish by $1 million per year. By maintaining a high humidity around the fish after steaming, evaporative weight loss from the cooked fish has been reduced from approximately 5% to 0.67%. The humidification system is preventing up to 8.5 tonnes of product from simply evaporating each day between cooking and canning.

After steaming,... Read more

15/07/2013 - JS Service Manager in a spin at London to Brighton
JS Service Manager in a spin at London to Brighton

Tony Tullett, Service Manager at JS Humidifiers, successfully “maintained” his pace, avoided all “breakdowns” and “fixed” his eyes on the finishing line at the recent London to Brighton Bike Ride in aid of the British Heart Foundation.

Tony managed to raise £1,037 in sponsorship for the BHF’s vital work to help fight coronary heart disease, the UK’s single biggest killer. In total nearly 30,000 cyclists donned their cycle gear for the grueling 54-mile trek from the capital down to the coast.

Tony... Read more

21/06/2013 - JS Humidifiers keeps Christ's Hospital Organ in Tune
JS Humidifiers keeps Christ's Hospital Organ in Tune

JS Humidifiers has recently supplied a Condair CP3 steam humidifier to humidify the school hall organ at Christ’s Hospital School near Horsham, ensuring it resonates correctly and remains in tune whatever the weather.

The organ in Christ’s Hospital’s ‘Big School’ is of huge historical importance and great artistic merit. It has its roots in an organ built in 1830 by Elliot & Hill and around 25% of the current pipes date from the original instrument. It was substantially renovated in 1902... Read more

11/06/2013 - Study Shows Humidity Reduces Airbourne Flu
Study Shows Humidity Reduces Airbourne Flu

A recent study carried out by the US National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH) has shown that the airborne transmission of the influenza virus is significantly reduced by maintaining an atmosphere of 40% relative humidity (RH) and above.

To test the effects of humidity on airborne influenza, aerosols of flu virus were “coughed” into a room’s atmosphere by a mechanical manikin at humidity ranging from 7-73%RH, while the air intake from a breathing manikin in the room was... Read more

30/04/2013 - Opera North Sings JS Humidifiers' Praises
Opera North Sings JS Humidifiers' Praises

A Condair CP3 steam humidifier from JS Humidifiers is protecting the valuable orchestral instruments and wooden décor at Opera North’s Howard Assembly Room in Leeds.

The recent renovation of The Howard Assembly Room included wooden paneling and flooring, plus new triple glazed windows and the installation of an air handling unit. Whilst this greatly enhanced the comfort of the venue’s performers and audiences, the lack of natural ventilation proved a concern to Opera North’s resident 54-piece... Read more

15/02/2013 - Reducing the Cost of Humidification
Reducing the Cost of Humidification

David Marshall-George, UK Sales Manager at JS Humidifiers, takes a look at the options for reducing humidifier operating costs while maintaining humidity control.

The cost of operating a humidification system includes two main elements. The energy required to turn water from a liquid to a gas and the cost of dealing with what’s left behind in the humidifier after this has happened. In order to reduce the operating costs of any humidification system both these elements needs to be examined.

Let’s... Read more

02/01/2013 - Condair Launch 3D BIM Humidifiers Models
Condair Launch 3D BIM Humidifiers Models

The Condair range of steam and cold water humidifiers is now available to download in a BIM (Building Information Modelling) format from and the Autodesk website.

The humidifiers, which are distributed in the UK by JS Humidifiers, include the Condair Mk5 resistive steam humidifier, the Condair CP3 electrode boiler humidifier and the Condair GS gas-fired humidifier. The 3D Revit files can be dragged and dropped into building plans providing consultants and designers with... Read more

29/11/2012 - Data Centre Humidification
Data Centre Humidification

Tim Scott, Sales Director at JS Humidifiers, examines how humidifiers are used in data centres.

Humidity control in data centre environments has come a long way over the years. From the early computers which used punched cards that needed humidification to maintain the physical properties of the card to magnetic tape data storage that needed a level of humidity to prevent dust and debris adhering to the reels.

As technology has moved on so has the need for data centre humidification.... Read more

22/10/2012 - The Economy of Gas
The Economy of Gas

David Marshall-George, UK Sales Manager at JS Humidifiers, examines the economy of retrofitting gas-fired humidifiers.

Humidification can be a costly element of an air-handling system to run and maintain. As humidification specialists we are often approached by facilities managers wanting to reduce their humidifier running costs.

Up until recently contractors have typically installed electrode boiler humidifiers when specifications called for humidification. These units are economic... Read more

09/08/2012 - HumEvap MC3 Cools OptEvent AHU
HumEvap MC3 Cools OptEvent AHU

JS Humidifiers’ HumEvap MC3 evaporative humidifier has been selected by AHS (Air Handling Systems) to provide evaporative cooling in the innovative OptEvent™ air handling unit. The humidifier cools the return air with low energy cold water humidification in this packaged heat recovery system that has been independently verified by BSRIA.

Working on behalf of a leading and progressive London children’s hospital, AHS was tasked to develop a packaged liquid-coupled heat recovery system to meet... Read more

21/06/2012 - JS Has A Gas At BAT
JS Has A Gas At BAT

JS Humidifiers has supplied two gas-fired humidifiers capable of delivering up to 480kg of steam per hour to British American Tobacco’s R&D facility in Southampton. Seeking an energy efficient alternative to their existing 10 year old live steam humidification system, the Condair GS gas-fired humidifier proved the perfect replacement as it provides high capacity steam generation with low operating costs, offering 65% cheaper steam than electric humidifiers.

Two Condair GS humidifiers were... Read more

25/05/2012 - New In-Room Spray Humidifier
New In-Room Spray Humidifier

JS Humidifiers is launching the Draabe NanoFog Evolution, a low energy in-room spray humidifier. This compact, attractive and quiet humidifier is the first real alternative to in-room steam humidifiers for direct air humidification in office-type environments. However, with energy consumption 97% lower than in-room steam humidifiers the NanoFog Evolution is a much more cost effective solution.

The humidifier has a series of wall or ceiling mounted spray nozzles that are similar in size and... Read more

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