Data Centre Humidification and Data Centre Cooling

Data Centre Humidification and Data Centre CoolingIf the humidity drops below 40% relative humidity (%rH) in a data centre, static electrical charges can build-up causing sparks that damage servers and IT equipment. This can cause downtime and expensive bills for replacing equipment.

A purpose built data centre will have a ducted air conditioning system that introduces fresh air, extracts return air and controls temperature and humidity. Specific humidity guidelines for computing equipment are supplied by most equipment manufacturers but the recommended level by CIBSE (Chartered Institute of Building Service Engineers) is 45%-60%rH.

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Steam humidifiers
In central air conditioning systems, steam humidifiers are often used in the AHU (air handling unit) after the cooling coil to reintroduce the moisture lost through condensation during cooling. This type of humidification offers close control and rapid response to a humidity requirement. However, due to the significant capacities required in large data centres and continual 24x7 operation, energy consumption can be high.

Low energy
A low energy alternative is to use cold water evaporative or spray humidifiers. In order to evaporate the moisture into the airstream the air needs to be above a certain temperature. This often requires the need for pre-heating, which negates some of the energy savings of cold water humidifiers. However, by using a heat recovery system on heat generated in the data hall, this required pre-heating can be achieved. This results in a humidification system with 150 times less energy consumption of steam humidifiers and massive energy savings for the overall HVAC system.

Evaporative cooling
As well as economic humidification, cold water humidifiers can also provide up to 12C of evaporative cooling to the air being humidified. This adiabatic cooling can be applied directly to the incoming fresh air or alternatively to the outgoing extract air. Outgoing air can have its humidity increased up to 100%rH with the resulting drop in temperature. This chilled thermal energy is then transferred to the incoming supply air with a heat recovery system. Combining these two techniques can reduce the reliance on mechanical cooling by up to 95%.

Why JS Humidifiers?
JS Humidifiers offers a comprehensive service of humidifier system design, installation and maintenance. Our range includes spray, steam and evaporative humidifiers and with over 20 years of experience in data centre humidification, we are ideally placed to advise on which type will be most suitable for your application.

Our nationwide in-house service team offers rapid response to maintenance requirements and carries extensive spares in stock at all times. This positions JS Humidifiers as the chosen humidification supplier for many blue-chip data centre clients throughout the UK.

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