Defensor 505 - industrial humidifier

The Defensor 505 humidifier is idea for use in small industrial applications such as cheese maturing. It can humidify rooms up to 150m³ but is not suitable for use in domestic situations.

This cool mist humidifier will introduce 500g of moisture an hour using the atomiser principle. A suction piece takes the water from the reservoir and the whirl disk moves the water towards the atomiser ring where it is transformed into an aerosol fog. The vanes of the whirl disk take in the air via the radial openings of the housing; the air stream passes by the atomiser ring and directs the aerosol fog out of the humidifier in an upward direction.

Optional directional caps can be used with this humidifier, either vertical or horizontal; this will enable individual direction of a fine aerosol mist free from droplets. It can also be used with an optional humidistat; this humidistat will switch the humidifier on or off depending on the set humidity.


  • Cool mist humidifier

  • Suitable for areas up to 150m³

  • Humidity output of 500g per hour

  • 3 litre water tank

  • Easy to use – plug & play

  • Robust construction

  • Power consumption 40W

  • Noise level 50 decibels

  • Weight 3.5kg

  • 1 year’s warranty

  • Dimensions H230mm x Diameter 360mm
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