Defensor PH15 - large capacity mobile humidifier

The PH15 humidifier is idea for use in offices, walk-in humidors, museums and galleries or any area up to 580m³.

The PH15 has the option of using two different filter sets (summer or winter) allowing the unit to be used as either an evaporative humidifier or a humidifier/air purifier combination.

The winter filter set is optimised to suit humidifying output and consists of a flocked evaporator mat and coarse filter, this is the standard set supplied with the humidifier. The summer filter set was specially designed for air purifying. It consists of an active carbon coated evaporator mat and the Quattro filter system. The Quattro filter system has four components – a coarse filter, dual-layered active carbon filter and an electrostatically charged fine filter. These filters will capture air borne particles up to 0.1 microns.

A digital control panel displays current room humidity, current fan setting and mode of operation. This control panel will allow you to set the humidity you wish to maintain and also has a timer feature allowing you to set what time the humidifier switches on and off. A keypad lock secures against unauthorised manipulation making this humidifier ideal for use in public locations. The humidifier can also be used with a wireless external sensor.

Four fan settings allows the humidifier to be used on low, quieter settings if being used in a museum or on full for maximum humidity, when used on full fan power the humidifier can introduce up to 1.3 litres of moisture per hour.

The two 10 litre removable water tanks can easily be filled simply by rolling the tank to the nearest tap. When the tanks are empty the humidifier will shut down and a warning message and light are displayed. Alternatively the unit can be supplied with the facility to connect directly to the mains water supply for a more permanent solution.


  • Evaporative humidifier

  • Can also be used as an air purifier

  • Suitable for areas up to 580m³

  • Humidity output up to 1.3litres per hour

  • Integral digital humidistat

  • Programmable timer

  • Key pad lock

  • Can be used with an optional external wireless sensor

  • 2 removable 10 litre water tanks

  • Empty warning light and message

  • Easy to move water tanks with castors and handles

  • 4 fan speeds

  • Castors for easy moving

  • Power consumption 72W

  • Minimum operation noise level 32 decibels

  • 1 year’s warranty

  • Dimensions H610mm x W730mm x D370mm

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