Free psychrometric charts from JS Humidifiers

Free psychrometric charts from JS Humidifiers JS Humidifiers is giving away free A3 psychrometric desk charts (UK only). The laminated charts will enable building services engineers to write on and wipe off psychrometric calculations, working out humidity loadings over and over again on the same long lasting chart.

The psychrometric chart is used to size humidification systems by plotting required moisture levels against given temperatures. Once these measurements have been plotted the engineer can work out what size humidifier is required to reach the correct relative humidity. It can also be used for general air conditioning applications.

With this large reusable A3 desk chart, engineers will always have a psychrometric chart to hand.

Click here to request your free laminated chart or call 01903 850200.

Click here to download a copy of the psychrometric chart to print yourself.
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