Industrial & Commercial Humidification for Every Application

With over 30 years experience in supplying industrial humidifiers to many different industries around the world, JS is the foremost expert in industry specific humidification. Whatever your requirement, wherever you are, if the right humidity is important to you JS can help.

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By humidifying the atmosphere around printing presses, reel-stand areas and paper stores, static build-up, web-breaks and paper curl can be dramatically reduced.
Tobacco leaves, cut tobacco and paper are all extremely hygroscopic which means that they give up their moisture to the surrounding environment if the air is too dry.
Wood is by nature hygroscopic. It is affected by the moisture content of the atmosphere. In order to successfully process timber its environmental equilibrium must be maintained.
Data Centres
Data centres need to maintain humidity levels at above 40%rH in order to avoid static build-up. Cold water humidifiers can also provide "free" evaporative cooling reducing energy consumption.
Once produced paper can be exposed to ambient conditions for long periods of time before packing. This dries the paper leading to problems during the slitting & wrapping processes.
Respiratory Illness
A dry atmosphere can have implications for healthy individuals but for people with respiratory illnesses, like croup, it can make their condition a lot worse.
Art & Antiques
One of the most important and basic factors in the preservation of art collections is the stability of the surrounding environment, requiring temperature and humidity to be strictly controlled.
JS Humidifiers has over 20 years experience in humidifying the sanding decks, paint spray booths and engine testing facilities of the leading car manufacturers around the world.
Cold Stores
As air enters a chill store its temperature is reduced and its moisture content drops. To keep produce fresh and prolong shelf-life humidifiers are essential.

The Home
During winter months when rooms are heated, indoor air can dry out, sucking moisture from our skin, hair, nose, throat and anything else in the room.

If your production facility is suffering from static build-up, low regain, yarn breakage, dust, fly or lint then you need a humidifier. By properly humidifying you can increase productivity and profits.
Air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter both dry a hospital atmosphere. This dry air can cause staff, patients and electrical equipment severe problems.
Headaches, sore eyes and throat, nasal stuffiness, lethargy, skin complaints and an increased susceptibility to colds and coughs are all symptoms of a dry office.
Consistent humidity can increase pharmaceutical production yields by as much as 60%. JS tests production at different humidities then holds it indefinitely during manufacturing.
Humidifying the chill down process will prevent weight loss from the carcasses and maximise profitability. Weight loss during this process can be reduced from 3-0.5%.
If a humidity level drops in a cleanroom manufacturing environment, it could result in significant product wastage due to poor quality or not meeting FDA environmental parameters.
Offshore Oil Exploration
Humidification in offshore environments calls for specialist construction of bespoke humidifiers, extreme reliability and precise control backed-up by BOSIET certified engineers.
Tea Production
Maintaining a good level of humidity during the tea fermentation process is essential as the oxidative process can only take place in the presence of water.
Crop Storage
Humidifying a harvested crop keeps the produce fresh and maximises its shelf-life. Maintaining the correct humidity during the chill-down process is of particular importance.
Humidity levels are controlled during explosive manufacturing to 55%rH in order to eliminate static build-up and the potential risks it poses.
Mushroom Growing
Mushrooms need dark humid environments to grow. To obtain optimum growth a humidity of 95%rH needs to be maintained in a droplet-free environment.
Concert Halls/Organs
Concert halls require humidification of the organ chamber to ensure it remains in tune and operational as well as the general stage area to benefit the performer's vocals.
Humidity control in semiconductor manufacturing prevents static, cools the environment & prevents dimensional changes to the conductive tracts.
Food Manufacturing
Humidity control is used in many food manufacturing processes to stop a product from drying out, help in ripening or maturation, improve appearance and increase shelf-life.
Medical Device
Humidity control in medical device manufacturing can be used to maintain the physical composition or moisture content of elements, eliminate static or perform as an activating agent.
Humidification is required in the production of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) to eliminate static. Uncontrolled static electrical discharge can damage PCBs rendering them useless.
Static Elimination
By maintaining a humidity of 55%rH, static build-up is eliminated in manufacturing environments as the charge grounds to earth through the moisture in the air.
Maintaining the correct humidity during incubation and hatching prevents excessive moisture loss from the eggs and improves the health of the newly born chicks.
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