New Mistifier Plus

New Mistifier Plus JS Humidifiers is launching a new wall-mounted spray humidifier ideal for small industrial or agricultural areas. The Mistifier Plus can introduce up to 6.5 litres of water every hour using low energy spinning disk atomising technology.

The Mistifier Plus incorporates many features that make it the most hygienic humidifier of its type. A purge function and siphon drain forces fresh water through the system when the power is connected or disconnected and an auto-drain feature flushes the system every four hours during non-operation. This ensures that water cannot stagnate in the system preventing the possibility of bacteria building up. During operation the small water tank holds just 0.055 litres of water, which is atomised and sprayed into the air in just 30 seconds, meaning the humidifier is practically operating with running water.

The unit has an anti-scale cartridge on the incoming water supply which reduces necessary cleaning and maintenance. This cartridge also provides silver ion dosing to the water, which is effective against more than 650 types of microbe and has a residual effect throughout the system.

This new humidifier is easy to wall mount with the stainless steel brackets supplied. It is a compact unit measuring just 61cm high, capable of spraying between 1.1 and 6.5 litres of atomised water per hour with a maximum energy consumption of just 230W. The directional outlets on the top of the unit allow the fine mist to be directed through 360o. As the water rapidly evaporates into the air, as well as humidifying, it also has a cooling effect on an atmosphere.

The Mistifier Plus is ideal for maintaining the humidity in small industrial situations, including printers, textile manufacturers, storerooms, agricultural and botanical environments, and tobacco manufacturers.

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