Planned maintenance agreements & servicing

A JS Planned Maintenance agreement will protect the investment you have made in your humidification equipment by ensuring it runs effectively, efficiently and safely.

JS engineers are fully trained to service all makes and models of humidifier and can provide cost effective maintenance solutions. This means you can concentrate on your core business activities, rather than be distracted by humidifier maintenance issues.

Each planned maintenance agreement is tailored to your site’s specific requirements. From one scheduled visit per year to a permanently onsite specialist engineer, our maintenance agreements will suit all sites and give you the humidification performance you need.

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Humidifier Preventative Planned Maintenance

 How you benefit

By having your humidifiers maintained by experts they will perform efficiently and hygienically, they will have an extended service life and you will also receive these additional benefits:

  • Extended warranties

  • Reduced rate for labour

  • Reduced rate for spare parts

  • Recommended spares lists

  • Service history reports

  • Free technical advice & telephone support

  • Professional advice on your humidifier’s L8 requirements
  • Extend your humidifier's warranty

    We service all makes and models of humidifier including:

    Vapac .... Carel .... Nordmann .... Spirax .... Condair .... Calomax....Airedale .... Munters .... Herrmidifer .... DriSteem ... Defensor .... Hygromatik ... Stielow .... Electrovap .... JetSpray & all other JS Humidifiers' models.

     The benefits

  • Increased humidifier reliability

  • Energy savings

  • Optimum performance

  • Extended product life

  • Maximum humidity control
  •  How your schedule is agreed

    Your maintenance schedule will be based on the number and type of humidifiers on your site, the water quality being used, the hours of operation and their pattern of use.

    You can also decide on your level of in-house involvement. If you would like to manage regular checks and routine maintenance but would like an expert to perform specialist maintenance, the schedule of visits will reflect this.

    Likewise if you would like to fit and forget your humidifiers then our flexible planned maintenance will make this possible.

    Humidifier Service

     The UK's largest specialist humidifier engineering team

    The UK's largest specialist humidifier engineering team
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