Reduce Your Building's Carbon Footprint

By installing a low energy humidifier rather than a typical electric steam humidifier a building's carbon footprint can be significantly reduced.

Low energy evaporative humidifiers, such as the HumEvap MC3, use less than one percent of the energy required to run an electric steam humidifier. This is because the moisture is introduced into an atmosphere by the simple act of evaporation rather than by boiling water to create steam.

Replacing an electric humidifier with a low energy humidifier reduces an air conditioning system's running costs and can help improve a building's Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) grade. This in turn can make a property more attractive to potential tenants as well as enabling a higher rent to be achieved.

As humidification can make up a large proportion of a building's HVAC system's carbon emissions, a low energy humidifier can make the difference between being required to participate in the Carbon Reduction Commitment and falling below the Government's threshold.

 We offer four types of low energy humidifier:
 HumEvap MC3 Evaporative humidifier
Low energy Evaporative Humidifier

The HumEvap MC3 has the smallest carbon footprint of any our humidifiers and also provides up to 12C evaporative cooling, whichs helps to reduce a building's cooling requirement.
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 Gas-Fired Steam Humidifier
Low energy Gas-Fired Steam

The Condair GS gas-fired humidifier has a carbon footprint less than 50% of electric steam. As it is easier to maintain overall running cost can be as much as 75% cheaper than electrode boilers.
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Evaporative cooling from humidifiers

 Condair HP High Pressure Spray
Low energy High Pressure Spray

The Condair HP can provide up to 1,300kg/hr of moisture to a duct while operating on just 2.2kW. As it does not use compressed air it is cheaper to run than other compressed air and water spray humidifiers, and much quieter.
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 JetSpray Air & Water Spray
Low energy JetSpray Air and Water Humidifier

The JetSpray compressed air and water spray humidifier can be used in-duct or in-room. It uses 90% less energy than electric steam humidifiers and it requires very little maintenance.
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