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Steam humidifiers
Condair MK5 - resistive steam humidifier
Condair CP3 - electrode boiler steam humidifier
Condair GS - gas-fired steam humidifier
Condair Esco - live steam humidifier
Condair SE - steam-to-steam humidifier
Condair LS - live steam humidifier
Spray humidifiers
JetSpray - the World's leading air & water atomising humidifier
Condair HP in-duct high pressure spray humidifier
ML Princess direct air high pressure spray humidifier
ML Solo direct air high pressure spray humidifier
ML Flex direct air high pressure spray humidifier
Draabe NanoFog Evolution in-room humidifier
Condair Dual 2 in-duct hybrid humidifier
Evaporative humidifiers
HumEvap MC3 - evaporative humidifier/cooler
Condair Dual 2 - in-duct hybrid humidifier
Mobile humidifiers
Aquarius - filterless humidifiers
AxAir LBV45 - evaporative humidifier
Defensor PH15 - large capacity mobile humidifier
Defensor PH28 - evaporative mobile humidifier
Close humidity control
JetSpray - the World's leading air & water atomising humidifier
Condair MK5
Micro-Environment Control System (MECS) - precision air management system
Low energy humidifiers
Reduce Your Building's Carbon Footprint
HumEvap MC3 - evaporative humidifier/cooler
JetSpray - the World's leading air & water atomising humidifier
Condair GS - gas-fired steam humidifier
Bespoke humidifiers
Bespoke humidifiers
Evaporative Cooling
Evaporative cooling
Evaporative Cooling with Cold Water Humidifiers
Planned maintenance agreements & servicing
Spare parts
Spares for all makes and models of humidifiers
Breakdown response
Breakdown response
Installation of all makes of humidifiers
Commissioning of all makes and models
Free CPD seminars
Free humidification CPD seminars
Humidifier health check
Would you like a FREE humidifier check-up?
Water treatment
PureFlo reverse osmosis water filter system <500 l/hr
Run & standby / duty standby pump sets
PureFlo ultra-violet recirculation system
Water softeners
Water storage tanks
Water purification & chlorination tablets
Instruments & controls
Instruments & controls
Water Treatment

Data Centres
Respiratory Illness
Art & Antiques
Cold Stores
The Home
Offshore Oil Exploration
Tea Production
Crop Storage
Mushroom Growing
Concert Halls/Organs
Food Manufacturing
Medical Device
Static Elimination


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Humidifier Packages For Contractors
New JS Damage Resistant Humidifier Cylinder
Aston Martin finish with JS Humidifiers
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