Spares for all makes and models of humidifiers

Ex-stock and with next day delivery, JS can deliver your humidifier spares to your door when you need them.

We stock all makes and models, and have knowledgeable, friendly staff that are available to help you identify the exact part that you require.

SPARES HOTLINE +44 (0)1903 858610

 Carel SD
 Condair CP2
 Condair CP3 Mini
 Condair CS
 Condair Esco
 Condair GHMC
 Condair GS... OC series (Outdoor)
 Condair SH2
 Defensor PH14
 ElectroVap MC
 JS HumEvap MC2
 JS HumiPac
 JS JetSpray 2/3/4000
 JS JetSpray 600M
 JS PureFlo Ro HR
 JS PureFlo 100 250 500
 Neptronic SKG
 Vapac LE
 Vapac WL / PE / LMD

We supply humidifier spare parts for:

Vapac .... Carel .... Nordmann .... Spirax .... Condair .... Neptronic ... Calomax.... Airedale .... Munters .... Herrmidifer .... Dri-Steem ... Defensor .... Hygromatik ... Stielow .... Electrovap .... JetSpray & all other JS Humidifiers' models.

SPARES HOTLINE +44 (0)1903 858610

 Condair ABS3
 Condair CP3
 Condair CP3 Steam Bath
 Condair Dual 2
 Condair FF2
 Condair GS... C series (Indoor)
 Condair MK5/Defensor MK5
 Defensor Mk4
 Defensor PH26
 Hygromatik Electrode Boiler
 JS HumEvap MC3
 JS JetSpray 1500
 JS JetSpray 60
 JS JetSpray 600/DS
 Neptronic SKE
 Neptronic SKR
 Vapac Resistive RP
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