Textile Humidification

Textile HumidificationIf your production facility is suffering from static build-up, low regain, yarn breakage, dust, fly or lint then you need a humidifier. These are all symptoms of dry air and can be combated by putting the moisture back into the atmosphere.

We have over 20 years experience in helping the textile industry across the globe solve dry air problems. As specialists in humidification, we offer a wide selection of low energy and close control humidifiers for all textile applications.

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Textile Humidity Issues

  • Dry air causes lower regain and this contributes to poor quality and lower productivity.

  • Yarns with low moisture content are weaker, thinner, more brittle, less elastic, create more friction and are more prone to static electrification.

  • Materials at optimum regain are less prone to breakage, heating and friction effects, they handle better, have fewer imperfections, are more uniform and feel better.

  • Higher humidity reduces static problems. Reduced static makes materials more manageable and increases machine speeds.

  • Textile weights are standardised at 60%rH and 20C. Low humidity causes lower material weight and lowered profits.

  • Low humidity causes fabric shrinkage. Maintained humidity permits greater reliability in cutting and fitting during garment creation and contributes to the maintenance of specification where dimensions are important, such as in the carpet industry.

  • Humidification reduces fly and micro-dust, giving a healthier and more comfortable working environment.

  • Spray humidifiers have a substantial cooling effect, reducing high factory temperatures.

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